Selina Finance

“With no full-time designer our design tasks started piling up. I contacted Tokyo Calm and after a few days they were integrated into Jira and knocking through design tasks. I was surprised how quickly they were able to get stuck in after the initial call.”

The Selina brand

From inconsistent and incoherent to anchored and clear usp.


Selina was suffering from a severe lack of understanding of the type of brand it was. There was no clear strategy or target audience. Brand had been neglected since launch and touch points were inconsistent and unprofessional setting dangerous customer expectations. We were able to work alongside brand strategists and Selina to craft a brand that had meaning and true north star to follow. It allowed a re-launch that ignited a new energy into the company, aligned targets, goals and touch points allowing Selina to go on to raise a substantial Series B in the tune of $150m.

The Selina x Tokyo Calm partnership was initially a 2 month subscription but turned into 12 months and counting with the team regularly calling on us to help with assets. The relationship we’ve built together with Selina is a perfect example of a brand needing quality design resource that continual delivers results to the bottom line. 

Subscription type

Full Subscription – 12 months and ongoing ad hoc


Selina Finance

What We Did

Brand Identity, UX & UI, Responsive Web Design, Social Media Templates, Product Designer, Swag, Packaging, Flyers, Posters

Beautiful design anchored to the brand

From a finance company with an inconsistent experience to an aspirational brand with a definite personality targeting a new market. 

“I can’t speak highly enough about the creative process Tokyo Calm took us through. It was thoughtful, anchored to our company beliefs and the output is phenomenal. It's not only elevated our brand but it's brought back an excitement to the Selina team. ”


Selina x Tokyo Calm by the numbers


Number of design tasks completed


Months working together


Million Series B Funding after relaunch

Not only have we used Tokyo Calm for product design, print design and our new brand identity but we’ve also hired them to design our new website. The result has been just as impressive as the other deliverables.

TomProduct Manager