We partnered with Mindstone to elevate their minimal valuable brand from stale and unformed to thoughtful, aligned and uniquely them.

What we delivered

A beautifully flexible identity anchored to the soul of the brand.


Mindstone came to us with a stale and unformed brand. They had done a lot of work on who they were but the their identity didn’t match that soul nor did it match who they were targeting. We worked collaboratively to learn as much as we could about the brand and their customers, which then fed directly into our creative process. 

Our goal was to create a super flexible identity that Mindstone could grow with. An identity that spoke to the core soul of the brand and their key audience.

Subscription type

Full Subscription – 1 month



What We Did

Brand immersion alignment, Brand Identity with key Digital Touch point examples and flexible identity asset package. 

We leveraged the soul of the brand, it's target audience and the core concept of the product to help drive design decisions

The result was a proper foundational brand identity that’s flexible enough for non-designers to use. 

A thoughtful and challenging creative process that I thoroughly enjoyed.”


Mindstone x Tokyo Calm by the numbers


Identity asset building blocks


Month working together


Collaborative creative sessions

They did a great job of mixing legacy aspects of our brand with new elements to really push us forward and set proper foundations to grow on. Happy to recommend them."