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Brand Questionnaire

Essence & Vision

Market & Audience

Identity & Comms

What problem is your product aiming to solve?
What's your companys core purpose beyond making money?
What's your long-term vision for the company?
What inspired you to start this specific product?
What impact do you hope to have on your customers' lives?
List 3-5 core values that are fundamental to your brand.
Who is your ideal customer? Describe them in detail. (age, occupation, interests, etc.).
What needs or pain points of this audience are you addressing?
How will your solution improve their lives or work?
What specific gap in the market have you identified?
Who are the main players in the market?
How will your solution differ from existing alternatives?
What key benefits will you offer that others don't?
How do you want to be perceived relative to competitors?
Are there any specific colours or imagery you feel represent your brand?
What impression do you want your visual identity to make?
What's the origin story of your brand?
List 5 adjectives that describe your brand's personality.
What emotions do you want your brand to evoke?
If your company were a person, how would you describe their personality?